Portfolio Performance

Semi-Annual Update on the ANAPEF Investment Portfolio


As of market close for the first week of July, 2019, i.e. July 5, 2019, the total market value of ANAPEF’s investment portfolio stood at $172,878, reflecting an annualized return of 15.28% since the inception of the investment portfolio, which occurred around December 14, 2017. Raw profits of $23,855 were generated over this period, and the stated return was obtained by conversion to an annual scale the time-weighted sums of investment capital that were deposited to the investment portfolio at various time intervals to date. Finally, ANAPEF’s Checking Account, held with Chase Bank, has a current balance of $3,269, bring its total Cash and Cash Equivalent assets to $176,147.

Investment Capital Deposited to the Fund, and Calculated Fund Returns:

At its inception, around December 14, 2017, a total sum of $77,500 was deposited to the investment account. Subsequently, the following sums were added at the dates indicated against them: $10,523 on September 14, 2018; $31,000 on November 2, 2018; and $30,000 on April 24, 2019. These deposits sum up to $149,023. As such, on a raw return basis, the fund has returned 13.8%, whereas the S&P 500 has generated a raw return of 12.83% over the same period. Our performance benchmark, which respectively includes 60% and 40% of the S&P500 and the Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Index, has returned 10.05% over the same period.

Composition of Investment Portfolio:

The ANAPEF Investment Portfolio has been constructed entirely from Mutual Funds, and an uninvested cash position that could be zero sometimes but not always. Our selection of the Mutual Fund indexes currently reflects representation of the following sectors in the portfolio: IT Services, Semiconductors, the Total Market Index, Medical Technology and Devices, and Retailing.

Investing Constrains and Comments on The Investing Environment:

The ANAPEF Investment Portfolio is occasionally constrained in how much of its available capital it can deploy into Securities positions by funding needs for ANA that arise from time to time, during which periods ANAPEF is required to disburse funds that ANA would borrow temporarily. Additionally, extreme market volatility, as we have witnessed throughout 2018 and 2019 to date (practically, since the fund came into existence), drives us to reduce our capital exposure to the market’s volatile swings and thereby necessitate that we hold a significantly non-zero cash position in the portfolio. As evidenced, the investment capital that was deployed to the account on April 24, 2019 has yet to be deployed into Securities positions for the Fund. Reducing our volatility exposure in this manner leads us to achieve our risk-adjusting goals for the returns of the portfolio.


We expect to continue our prudent management of the portfolio to achieve relatively low volatility, while keeping track of our performance benchmark.  

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