Managing the Fund

  • Fund assets are managed by the Investment Committee under the supervision of the ANAPEF board. Currently ANAPEF does not employ any outside managers. However, in the future, the ANAPEF board may look to outsource part of ANAPEF’s portfolio to outside managers. 

  • ANAPEF has a target of running a fund with at least $5m assets under management (“AUM”), with an intermediate goal of $1m in AUM by 2025. ANAPEF and ANA’s initial fundraising efforts has generated about $150k in gross receipts, which has been employed in various investment strategies to aggressively grow the fund while preserving capital. 

  • ANAPEF, will through periodic disbursements to Prempeh College, provide much-needed resources to enable the School maintain excellence in education, by providing and maintaining facilities, quality faculty, and excellent academic and extra-curricular programs that will allow students to achieve at a high level. Raising funds to support the school is therefore the utmost charitable focus of Amanfoo, parents and volunteers. Any and all gifts count!

Investment & Spending Policies

ANAPEF employs investment and spending policies aimed at providing ongoing budgetary support to the school while preserving long term purchasing power of the Fund. ANAPEF utilizes a total return-based investment approach with total return-based spending objective to align the investment policy with the spending policy. ANAPEF will therefore employ investment strategies that will enable it to generate prudent risk-adjusted returns to meet its periodic disbursement obligations whilst building fund assets over the long term. The spending policy currently stipulates annual disbursement to the school starting in 2021, after three full years of investing fund assets. The spending rate, which is approved by the ANAPEF board, is up to 5% of the average value of totals returns of the fund over the previous 3 calendar year ends, but not less than 2% of same if investment growth has fallen short of target.